The ice storm that happened earlier this year damaged our stairs down to the dock. We are working with the city to build new ones.


In the meantime, here's how you can access our dock and water equipment: Out of the driveway, walk left and take the first left before you get to the blue house next door. The road starts paved and will look like you're going down their driveway, but just stay left and it'll become unpaved (weeds/grass). Follow it back left towards our house. Our dock is the large one that you'll see over to your right as you pass our house on your left.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Water Equipment

Water equipment is seasonally available generally from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

We have a 2-family shared dock. It is the one immediately to the left once you get to the bottom of the stairs (down to the riverbank). The wing of the dock closest to our house contains all of our equipment. The opposite wing of the dock and all equipment on it belongs to my next door neighbors. So please do not use any equipment that is not described below.

We ask that you please respect that our neighbors also want to enjoy their dock. That means that sometimes they’ll use it concurrently, with you and your group. 

Here’s my family’s inventory of water gear that is approved for your use. Please do not use any gear that is not listed here:

  • Kayaks (2): one bright green (w/ a white bottom), one bright blue

  • Paddle boards (3): one bright green, one bright purple, one red

  • Paddles (in the garage): for both kayaks (2 total) and paddle boards (3 total)

  • Life jackets (in the garage): 4 adult sizes, 2 child vests

Kayaks& Stand Up Paddle Boards


​Kayaks and stand up paddle boards are on the side of the dock closest to the house. Lifejackets and paddles are in the garage.

Kayak & paddle board rules:

  • Paddlers must wear life jackets. (It’s a law!)

  • You must bring 1 dry bag (hanging up in the garage next to the life jackets) in each kayak. Each bag contains a whistle (It's a law!) and one bag contains a permit that applies to both kayaks. We recommend clipping the dry bag to your life jacket so that you’ll have easy access to the whistle.

  • It's a good idea to bring your phone so you can take photos. Just put your phone inside the dry bag.

  • Life jackets (4 adults, 2 kids) and paddles are located in the garage. Please return them there when you’re finished using the equipment, and don’t leave them on the dock overnight.


Summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) Instructions for Kayaks & Paddle Boards

  • Kayaks are on the shared family dock immediately to the left of the bottom of the stairs. To unlock the kayaks, use code 8668. Try to remember how the locks are attached to the kayaks so you can attach them back on later. Leave the locks on the dock while you kayak.

  • Paddle Boards are also on the dock on the same side as the kayaks. Use the code 8668 to unlock the boards.

  • When you're finished for the day, lock the equipment back up exactly the way you found them and scramble the numbers on the locks. It's important to lock the kayaks and paddle boards up overnight. Return the life jackets, paddles, and dry bags to the garage.

Inflatable Tubes


Tubes are inflated in the garage.

To add air to tubes or inflate a new tube, use electric pump which is right next to the tubes in the garage.


Please return the tubes to the garage when you're done. Please do not leave tubes on the dock overnight.