Walking Distance

Cedar Island Park is the U-shaped island that you can see from the backyard. This park is a 14 acre island in the Willamette River. Access via pedestrian bridge from Mary S. Young park or via kayak, boat, or swimming in the Willamette River. Swimming in the center is like being in a swimming pool. Docks around the perimeter of the center are perfect for sunbathing.

Mary S. Young park has a dog park, beaches, rock skipping, lush hiking trails, pedestrian bridge to Cedar Island Park. The park offers a peaceful place to walk or sit by the Willamette River. About 128 acres, this quiet, forested park is a favorite for urban birders. As you walk deeper into the forest on the numerous trails (5-8 miles worth), it’s easy to forget you’re in a city. It’s a super short walk to get there from the house. Just turn left at the end of the driveway (toward Mapleton Dr.) and follow Nixon Ave until you reach a dead end at Riverside Loop trail in the park.

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Short Drive

Wilderness Park Loop Hike

Wilderness Park Loop Hike is an easy 2.2 mile hike right here in West Linn that we love. Some surprisingly large Douglas-firs tower above the trails of this 51-acre remnant of native forest on the upland slopes of West Linn. The hike involves two loops, one above and one below Clark Street. In the spring, typical forest floor flowers bloom, and using the second loop described, there is a way to connect from here to the "back door" of the Nature Conservancy's Camassia property, covered in the Camassia Natural Area Loop Hike.

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Greater Portland Area

There are too many great hikes in the area to list here, but here are 2 sites that maintain lists of some of the best. Warning: Some of these hikes are very long and challenging.