Please collect all towels, bath mats and rugs from all 3 bathrooms and bring them to the laundry room/half bath. Put only the solid white towels and rugs into the red LG washing machine add a soap pod (from the container directly above the washing machine), use the “whites” setting, and start the wash. Do not put colored towels in with the whites. You don’t need to wait until the load of laundry finishes. The cleaning crew will toss them into the dryer.


No action necessary. The cleaning crew will strip the beds and launder.


Please wash all dishes. Hand wash all pots & place them in the drying rack. Put all glassware, plates, bowls in the dishwasher drawers. To start each dishwasher, each needs its own soap pod (from under the sink). Drop the soap pod into the silverware basket(s). Close the drawer(s) and push the start/arrow button. You’ll hear the dishwasher(s) turn on.

Garbage & Recycling:

Please remove all garbage (from the bathrooms & the kitchen) and place them in the bins on the driveway.

Green bin: garbage

Gray bin: recycling (no need to sort)

Locking Up:

Click the Schlage logo on the front door lock.

19030 Nixon Ave.

West Linn, OR 97068

(541) 633-3868